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How we tied up SoftwareONE and Microsoft.

Microsoft offers very advantageous rates to Charities. SoftwareONE, a Microsoft Gold Partner, asked us to create a striking campaign that would help them bring the message to IT Directors in UK Charities and generate new business.

Our research told us that many charities suffer under IT resources that don’t meet the demands of modern communications; IT Management struggle with having to work with a proliferation of legacy solutions that don’t work together.

After several brainstorms we developed the theme ‘Tired of tangled IT?’.

That grew into a set of iconic visuals based on ‘straightening out’ IT and using a drawn line to illustrate all the other advantages of working with Microsoft and SoftwareONE; Cloud technology, collaborative working, support, funding etc.

The high quality Direct Mail piece was actually wrapped in loose black wool to emphasise the theme, and we animated the illustrations on a dedicated website that drove respondees to register for a co-hosted event specially for charities.

At last count, the event had over 20 registrations from targeted Charity IT Management.

Concept, brainstorm etc. – The whole team
Design of EDM, DM, Social Media panels, eSignature, Charity Times banner – James
Copy writing - David H
Animation – Ben

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