“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan

Meet the team

Great teams are stronger than their constituent parts. Our projects deliver (and look good) because we all talk, and we all listen. You, our management, copy writers, designers, developers and deployment team. That way, ultimately, it’s your market that gets the message.


David Hartley

Co-Founder and Creative Director

David acts as a bridge between our clients and our web and design teams. His experience in IT publishing, and working with blue chip high-tech businesses across the world, means he is uniquely able to turn a technical brief into a co-ordinated marketing campaign that gets results. In his spare time David enjoys writing and creating weird art that nobody is willing to buy.


David Nossiter

Co-Founder and Sales Director

Set up Hartley-Stone with David Hartley in 2001, David works hard to develop customer relationships and controls our finances. David’s previous experience in data management, publishing and working for a management consultancy, gives him a unique understanding of a wide variety of different industries. He likes to ski.


Alistair Shrimpling

Studio Manager

Alistair ran an advertising agency in South Africa, but clearly missed the less than obvious charms of the UK weather. Alistair is our Studio Manager and Senior Designer. He particularly enjoys designing websites and logo development. His transcendental approach to design gives all his work a special depth and meaning – ask him why he used a red circle – he’ll be able to tell you.


James Foulger

Senior Designer

Having migrated from East Anglia, James has married and raised a family on the back of our generosity. He’s an experienced and passionate designer with a strong sense of style and will always go the extra mile to define and deliver what our clients are looking for, unless he thinks it’s silly, then he’ll tell you. He’s usually right.


Tanmai Tanna

Web Controller

Tanmai’s relationship with our designers ensures that the websites we create have aesthetic appeal and functionality. Tanmai lives for web development, his wife and his new son. But not in that order. He is often lost in quiet contemplative wonder at the dynamic beauty of his own code.


Maxine Davenport

Head of Client Services

Max joins us with a wealth of experience servicing high tech and security accounts at the highest level. She expands our services portfolio with a special understanding of how to get the most from events and exhibitions, both in the UK and abroad. Max benefits all round, then. (see what we did there.)


Tyler Watts

Software Engineer

Tyler tells us he has a first-class degree in Software Engineering, and so far it looks as if he’s telling the truth.  For a web developer, he’s also a great communicator, and he thinks about the role of the site he’s building. That’s unusual – so we’d like to keep him.


Ben Marjoram


When we want some movement we ask Ben to make it happen. Ben really enjoys writing and creating dynamic music videos. When he’s not doing that he skilfully makes our product videos and motion graphics just as engaging, but a bit less ‘trippy’. Which is good.


Rob Wellard

Associate Web Developer

Another bearded South African, Rob has over 20 years web experience, building successful web solutions  from start-up  to enterprise solutions. He firmly believes that anything is possible, and he has a shiny nose. 


Helen Manning


Helen used to manage accounts for one of our larger customers. She was such a good financial gatekeeper that we asked her to work for us. Clients and suppliers are always nice to her, with good reason.


Sam Graham


Sam has an active imagination and believes that the flat earth theory has traction. It’s cause for concern. However, he joins our design team from a business that sold plumbing equipment, and tells us he has some great work in the pipeline. 


Simon Quarendon

Content guru

Simon has a solid background in B2B PR which we try not to tease him about. Simon adds content generation and management to our list of services. Blogs, tweets, White Papers, case studies, speeches, presentations, sick notes. You name it and Simon can write it.