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Guns in schools

Sorry, but I couldn't let this go. Written after Kurt Vonnegut, as it is the sort of thing he would have lampooned as only he could. - Hope I did him justice...


Johnny was a poppit. He was growing up with a lot of other poppits. They lived on an island where they were being trained for a very important job; they were responsible for the future. 

Now, the people that put the poppits on the island came from a race called the Oosa, that had an unusual gene called the rtba gene, or gune. The gune was a throwback from a time when Oosa was very brutal and everyone was scared all the time and had to defend themselves.  Even though the rest of the world had changed a lot, just about everyone that lived in Oosa still had the gune. Some people were very proud to have the gune, and put pressure on everyone else the keep the gune as part of their 'racial characteristic'

Unfortunately sometimes, unpredictably, and without reason, the gune went rogue, and holes would appear in everyone around the person with the rogue gune. So even though the world was different, people were just as scared as they had been in the brutal times. 

 Which is why they put Johnny and the other poppits on an island where nobody who had the gune was supposed to enter, and threaten the important job the poppits had to do. There were similar islands all over the land of Oosa.

Unfortunately, the islands and the poppits on them attracted rogue gunes like a magnet, and every few weeks poppits ended up full of holes, which made it really difficult for them to carry on doing their important job. 

So you would think that the people in charge of the land would say ‘enough is enough!’. And take gunes out of the 'racial characteristic'. But that is not what they did. Strangely, even though the gune was the reason that poppits got holes in them - and nobody can predict when a gune will go rogue - the leaders of Oosa said that every one of the poppit islands should now have some people with the gune. 

How safe do you think Johnny is going to feel now?