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Floating a great idea...

Eze Castle Integration creates dynamic technical solutions for hedge fund and finance businesses across the world.  These include data and services delivery, security, and communication platforms.

Eze Hybrid Cloud combines the company’s own private, finance-centric cloud with the robust availability of the Microsoft Cloud and the Microsoft suite of Office 365 applications.

We were asked to create a high-level campaign to a small number of prospects that would drive them to events in the City of London where they could learn more about the product.

Whilst eMail campaigns can be a great way to reach a large audience quickly, the audience was small, and we wanted something more sophisticated and engaging than eMail; we decided early on that a high-impact Direct Mail campaign was the way to go.

No idea is too ridiculous for a Hartley-Stone brainstorm. No campaign is impossible. The whole company is often involved. We throw concepts at a white board and test them against what we know of the market, product and audience. Then, if we think it’s a good fit, we consider client acceptability, practicality, logistics, cost and any legal ramifications.

In ‘Mad-Men’ speak, we run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.

We believe that, just because we are in B2B, we don't have to send out boring, technical promotions. We never forget that the decision maker in a business environment has a life outside the business. They see the same engaging consumer promotions that everyone else does. Why should they disengage with stimulating promotion for a business product?

So, when someone came up with the idea of sending a helium-filled cloud to every prospect, we didn’t dismiss it.

Which is how, in Late September, 250 prospects across The City received a large, but very light box with a label on top saying ‘We’ve repackaged the Cloud’. And, when they opened the box they were surprised by a 600mm cloud-shaped balloon floating up to the ceiling with an attached hand-written invitation to a wine tasting event.

The campaign was backed up by telesales (We understand recall has been very high!), by eMail and online registration. We understand the registrations are already rolling in.

We put the whole campaign together in house, which taught us a few new things (like how funny helium talk is, but only for a short period.)

Take a look at the montage of what we did, and if you would like to run a campaign that truly stands out, get in touch with us. We’ll see what ideas we can float for your business.