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Case Study - Remember IMPACT?

Impact used to be one of the key criteria for a successful ad.* In David Ogilvy’s 1983 Ogilvy on Advertising (still a highly-relevant book) he features an ad by Young & Rubicam (quite a striking ad) that defines their advertising as possessing;

IMPACT – That quality in advertising that strikes suddenly against the reader’s indifference and enlivens his mind to receive a sales message.

Many of our clients have heard that quotation, not because my career began in the 80’s (eek!) but because I like to think our insistence on building campaigns with impact is what sets us apart from other B2B agencies.**

So when Eze Castle Integration approached us for a Direct Mail piece that would reach IT Management in legal firms - knowing how hard they are to excite - we decided to do something very different.

We gave them an A5 Direct Mail piece based on 2 sheets of metal.

Why? Because we wanted to strike a chord with legal organisations who, these days, have to be more bulletproof than ever. Their data governance has to be exemplary (Don’t start me off on GDPR) and their IT resources and processes have to be robust and secure – all achievable by working with Eze Castle’s Managed IT Services.

And how did we print on the metal? We didn’t, we lasered it.

That’s what I call impact…

Hartley-Stone managed and ran the campaign as a turnkey project from inception; concept, copy writing, design, supplier relations (Laser), fulfilment, mailing and response management through a dedicated landing page.

The responses are still coming in, and so far, they’re looking good.

*These days I’m not so sure everyone thinks that way. This piece from The Drum sums up my attitude to some of today’s advertising. (Language warning)

**Of course you shouldn’t sacrifice style and professionalism for impact, and there is a line that can be crossed. Simply using ‘SEX’ as a headline in 200 pt text, for instance, may not help you sell IT services to business management.

David Hartley

Laser supplied and operated by ThinkLaser, many thanks for their input: