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A charitable bunch!

In early June, David H and 3 others walked 26 miles for Macmillan cancer support raising over £3,500 (The total raised was in excess of £400,000) Thanks again to all those who helped make it worth it!

If there are any more contributions out there, they will be gratefully received!

And later in the month, Alistair, Tanmai, David N and his 2 daughters, Charlotte and Morgan, along with a team from Trend Micro, raised over £1,000 for The AFPST Everest Challenge. After 6 hours of climbing a 14m wall the collective - made up of skilled climbers and novices - achieved 8848m. The Hartley Stone team managed 70 plus climbs between them.

If you haven’t yet donated and would like to, please go to the link below.