Social Media

80% of SMBs now include Social Media as a key part of their development strategy. Which is probably why there are a lot of social media management tools out there. Hootsuite, Meltwater, SEMrush yada yada – they all promise to put the SM into SiMple. And most of them will help you manage your output. So you’ll be able to put a tick under the marketing column in the box beside Social Media.


Not really. What they will help you do is schedule, post, scan, share, bundle, buffer, search and tag. But as tools, however sophisticated, they won’t help you determine who, why, what or when, ie POLICY. And that’s the bit that really matters to marketeers. Or it should matter if you don’t want to waste your money – and a lot of these tools are expensive.

Which is why Hartley-Stone has developed a dedicated process, built around 5 key stages, that puts YOU in control of your social media, and helps you decide which tool (if any) you need to help you get the most from the most important marketing platform today.

As part of our approach we can create dedicated online Post portals, where personnel across customer sites quickly silo their own proposed content. We then filter, rewrite and deploy to their audience via the right media as appropriate, according to a set of pre-agreed policy rules.

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